What is a Golf Swing Analyzer?

A golf swing analyzer is any type of feedback that you receive about your golf swing. Now this goes from the basic visual which is normally your golfing buddy watching you and giving you feedback (are they trustworthy?). This particular feedback may not be that helpful but it is basically free. Then on the other side of the scale you have a swing analyzer/golf simulator. This is a very detailed showing of your golf swing and in most instances it is not cheap. Depending on how much time you want to spend and money will be the indicator of which golf swing analyzer you will choose to use.

I am going to show you a list from my view point what is the least expensive and time consuming to the more expensive and time consuming golf swing analyzer

Yourself – Cheapest and you don’t have to bother your golfing buddy. Use a full length mirror to look at your stance and swing. You might pick up a clue on what is wrong but it is kind of hard swinging your club and watching yourself in a mirror.

Your Golfing Buddy – Cheap and you can do it from your own backyard. Both of you can benefit from this by watching each other. It doesn’t cost anything and all you have to do is walk out the backdoor. Of course we are back at the trust issue.

Video Camera – You can take a video of yourself and analyze it yourself but you have to know why your shots aren’t going the way you want. The cost of this is the video camera setup.

Golf Aids – These type of golf aids will range in cost from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. There will be mats, baskets, ground guides, foot braces, knee braces, ankle braces, leg bars, guide mirrors, restraining bands, guide balls, front arm braces, wrist braces, swing plane devices, laser guides, hinged clubs, and electronic sensors to name a few. These are quality golf aids and they can help you.

Golf Pros or Teaching Pros – These people are the best at what they do and are knowledgeable enough to help you with a golf swing problem. Cons- Lessons are costly and you have to go to them which brings in the time factor.

Video Analysis Software – Videos your swing and can compares it to “correct swings”. Time frame is that you have to go where they are doing the videos and take time to come back to view video. Costly.

Swing Analyzer/Golf Simulator – These machines can measure 12 different points of your golf swing. Very thorough and can just about know what you’re feeling. Very expensive and time consuming. Also, this can be done one time or as many as your willing to pay for. Just remember this is the most detailed information that you will receive about your golf swing.

All of these choices can help you with your golf swing. You are the only one that can determine what golf swing analyzer you want to use.


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