Cool Seat Covers?

I have an old 89 Volvo.  It is what you would call a beater car.  You know, the kind of car that you don’t mind getting dirty or getting a ding or a scratch.  It is great taking out for some quick errands.  Well I was desperately needing some new seat covers because the original upholstery was worn down and becoming increasingly uncomfortable.  As I did a quick online search I was surprised to see all the cool car seat covers available on the market.  I fully expected to find just old boring type covers.  Boy was I wrong.  You can really go crazy with some of the patterns and art work available.  Below are some examples of what I am taking about.  Just know that if you are going to be in the market soon for car seat covers you can buy something with a little personality.

batter darthcover starcover hdcover skullcover



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