3 Tips for Choosing the Right Snowblower

snow blowerYou’re probably sick and tired of shoveling snow out of your driveway before you can leave the house, right? Well, one thing that can really help you get through that snow much quicker is a snowblower. When you’ve had one too many back aches from shoveling, pick up a snowblower and let it do the work for you. Here are 3 tips for choosing a snowblower that may help.

1. Determine the Size You Will Need

The size of snowblower you will need is dependent upon where you live. For instance, if you live in an area where 1 to 8 inches of snow is the most you get all year, you can probably opt for a smaller, electric snowblower. These are available in most places and throw the snow away from the driveway so that you’re able to uncover the concrete that you knew was there yesterday! In fact, some of them throw the snow up to 30 feet!

However, if you get much deeper and thicker snow, you will probably want to go with something a little larger, such as a gas-powered snowblower. These literally eat right through the snow and move it out of your way. There are snowblowers available that can get rid of 2 feet or more of snow in your driveway.

2. Think about How Much You Want to Spend

Another tip is to think about how much you want to spend on a snowblower. For the small, electric snow shovel or thrower types, you can expect to pay around $200 to $400 easily. The higher end will provide you with a durable and reliable snowblower that will last for many years. However, you can find a good quality snowblower for the lower end of that range as well. It just takes some investigating.

If you will need a larger, gas-powered blower, you should expect to pay anywhere between $450 and $800 – depending upon just how much power you need. While you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get a wonderful and durable snowblower, remember that you do get what you pay for. Try to stay somewhere in the middle and you will get a good quality, lasting blower.

3. Investigate Snowblowers

What? Yeah – investigate them. Do some searching online and read a few reviews of each snowblower you’re considering. This will allow you to find any faults or disadvantages of a particular type of snowblower before you purchase it. Reviews and testimonials can be powerful proof of what a particular product can do or not.

Obviously if most of the reviews you find on a certain snowblower are negative, you should probably skip over that one and find something else. Look for a snowblower that is durable, gets the job done, doesn’t cost a fortune and will last for a long time. When you’ve found a few reviews that claim this about a certain snowblower, you should definitely check that one out!

Here’s to no more backaches for you!

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